Access Control at limited traffic zone (ZTL): electronic gates

Sandro Francalanci / 07 May 2017 15:12


Since the year 2001 has been designed and implemented first system for automatic access control to limited access zone based on ANPR. Today in Rome eight ZZTL are working with different scheduling during the week and during the day. The systems handle several authorised categories of users.
Challenges addressed
  • Traffic congestion
  • Environmental pollution

Results/Lessons Learnt

Rome was one of the first city in Italy and in Europe with a limited access zone equipperd with electronic gate. The first area in the city center was activated in year 2001 and his equipper with 22 gates. It operates all working days from 6:30 to 18:00, Saturday 14.00 – 18.00 and Fri. & Sat. also 23.00 – 3.00. In subsequent years different new limited access zones were activated expecially with night time and friday-saturday scheduled working periods in areas of the city with many attraction points such as restaurants and pubs. Today in Rome there are eight ZTL with a total of 77 gates. The last set of electronic gates activated in january 2017 ban on driving in all motor veichles of more than 7.5 meters long, except authorized.There are 21 working electronic gates and 53 gatesactually with manual control by urban police will be equipped with electronics gates in next future. Each ZTL and/or each gate have an associate "white list" of plate number and that means an associate list of vehicle that can enter in the zone or cross the gate without problems. 

For each vehicle crossing the gate a picture of the plate is taken with a camera operating in infrared spectrum. An OCR software recognize the plate numbers ans characthers  and after this the system look for the plate sequence in a database where authorized vehicles are recordered. If a valid match is not found all data (picture,plate number, date, time, gate number) after a validation made by a public officier are sent to the municipality office that process violations and send fine to vehicle owner. Categories of vehicles authorized include:bus, taxi, private taxi, disabled people's vehicles, residents, electric vehicles, vehicles belonging car sharing fleets and with some restrictions vehicles belonging artisan business and vehicles used for delivering goods. Mopeds and motorbikes are authorized to enter in all limited access zones except the inner one named "Tridente"

Start date
End date
2001 years 10 months
Tags / keywords:
traffic management
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