Decreto 1 febbraio 2013 n. 39 Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti – “Diffusione dei sistemi di trasporto intelligenti (ITS) in Italia” (Spread of ITS in Italy

Nuccia Fedel / 11 Jan 2017 16:06

Short name:
D.M. 39/2013 Ministero delle Infrastrutture e Tras
Policy & legislation
Issuing organisation:
Automobile Club d'Italia
Issuing body name:

Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport

Area covered:
Country of reference:


Italy has transposed the ITS Directive (Dir. 2010/40/CE) through Article 8 of the Law-Decree n. 179/2012. Complying to that article, this Decree sets the basic guidelines to ensure the design, deployment and development of ITS in Italy, in a way which is coordinated, integrated and consistent with policies and activities at EU level. These guidelines are the methodological and operational basis for the subsequent definition of a national Action Plan on the development of ITS
Legal force:
  • Decree
Subsequent legislation:
Decreto 12 febbraio 2014 n. 44 - National ITS Action Plan
Date of adoption:
Date of publication:
Date of entry into force:
Tags / keywords:
Cooperative Energy-efficient Safety Traffic data traffic management City logistics Freight transport Parking Automated driving Smart Vehicles Autonomous Vehicles
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