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Incident management

Automatic detection and enforcement for passage with red traffic light at intersections

21 Apr 2017 14:27 by Angelo Bacino

Two different system for automatic detection and enforcement for passage with red traffic light at intersections have been designed and implemented in Rome. The first take pictures of the vehicle, the second capture a video of the vehicle crossing the intersection. Both use ANPR. To date, 11 main...

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Incident management

Automatic Detection Speed Vehicle

29 Apr 2017 16:20 by Angelo Bacino

Two different model system for automatic detection and enforcement for excess speed vehicle have been designed and implemented. The first model based on measurement punctual vehicle speed, the second model based on ANPR and processing average speed

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Automatic Vehicle Identification in LTZ with V2I comunication DSRC

29 Apr 2017 16:27 by Angelo Bacino

Some systems ZTL of Rome have been integrated with on-board equipment for the communication vehicle to infrastructure of type DSRC (dedicated short range communication)

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Smart vehicles

C-ITS Newcastle

14 Jul 2016 18:35 by Panagiotis Georgiadis

The city of Newcastle is at the forefront of the UK's C-ITS deployment. The initiative, funded by the Department for Transport, aims to: reduce the negative effect on air quality caused by transport; improve road safety by protecting and assisting vulnerable road users; reduce journey times;...

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Deployed ITS

Domains are six areas of ITS, which the various ITS are distributed in:

  • Traveller Information,
  • Traffic management & control,
  • Freight & logistics,
  • Smart vehicles,
  • Mobility services, and
  • Public transport.

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