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Practical Trial Amsterdam


14 Mar 2017 08:53 by Nick Juffermans

In PPA Zuidoost (southeast) the emphasis is on strengthening and improving individual recommendations (in-car) by using information that can be acquired and processed with roadside systems (developed in PPA and elsewhere). At the same time, the existing traffic control scenarios are used more...

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Connected and automated vehicles

Project BaSIC – National C-ITS activity

01 Sep 2017 16:55 by Martin Pichl

The scale of the pilot was small compared to the planned activities within current C-Roads project (testing of slow vehicle warning and emergency vehicle approaching use cases on a short stretch of the D0 motorway – Prague By-pass), yet successful, and the project team gained valuable experience...

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Provision of an EU-wide eCall

01 Sep 2017 16:44 by Martin Pichl

First activity in the area of eCall 112 in the Czech Republic was carried out within the the Euro-regional project CONNECT. The eCall pilot has been launched in 2006 and successfully completed in December 2007. The main pilot project objective was verification of the possibility of reception and...

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Sample deployed its

26 Apr 2017 16:13 by

In brief this is a test

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Deployed ITS

Domains are six areas of ITS, which the various ITS are distributed in:

  • Traveller Information,
  • Traffic management & control,
  • Freight & logistics,
  • Smart vehicles,
  • Mobility services, and
  • Public transport.

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