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ITS Domains






On-trip information


11 Jan 2018 14:19 by Benjamin Witsch

C-Roads will focus on implementing C-ITS systems and “1st Day services” across Europe as pilots in an harmonised way. It is expected that in several working groups, organised in close cooperation with work performed in the Amsterdam Group as well as in the EU-C-ITSPlatform, agreements for...

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Policing/enforcement (traffic regulation enforcement)


17 Mar 2017 09:27 by Charis Chalkiadakis

The aim of the project is to build a collaborative capacity community and deployment programme to support public and private stakeholders in the implementation of ITS (C-ITS) with training and educational resources which enable knowledge transfer about the benefits and deployment of ITS. The...

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Incident management

CCTV Video Surveillance and Traffic monitoring in Rome

07 May 2017 15:06 by Sandro Francalanci

Since the year 2000 a system for video surveillance and traffic monitoring with colour cameras with PTZ has been designed and implemented in Rome. The system use a private fiber optic network and in year 2013 the system was subject to extension and conversion from analog to digital. Now the...

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Centralization of traffic light (UTC - Urban Traffic Control)

29 Apr 2017 16:11 by Angelo Bacino

In Rome municipality area there are more than 1350 traffic light intersection. Since the year 2000 different systems has been designed and today Rome has about 530 traffic light intersection managed by six different UTC system based on traffic plan selection algorithms

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Deployed ITS

Domains are six areas of ITS, which the various ITS are distributed in:

  • Traveller Information,
  • Traffic management & control,
  • Freight & logistics,
  • Smart vehicles,
  • Mobility services, and
  • Public transport.

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