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11 projects found

Freight & logistics

EU EIP and Easyway Evaluation database

10 May 2017 15:33 by Luca Studer

The overall objective of the EU EIP Evaluation activity is to support national and corridor evaluation approaches in order to present a global picture of the impact of ITS Deployment on the European road network and to demonstrate the benefits of ITS investment / CEF funding to the European...

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ITS Toolkit - 2Decide Project

10 May 2017 10:03 by Luca Studer

2DECIDE support and speed up consistent decision making related to ITS deployment for road and public transport (timely, cost-effective, interoperable, positive impact to urban and interurban mobility, positive cost/ benefit ration). 2DECIDE has formed a consortium representing an outstanding...

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Mobility services


14 Jul 2016 19:23 by Paul Kompfner

Smart Connected Electro-Mobility - promoting the uptake of electric vehicles in Europe

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Mobility services

Mobility services cover systems, which make the trip easier for the road user. It often services that make it more easy and clear to use various modes of public transportation together, with information and connection between these trip providing units. Therefore, it has a common space with Public Transportation.

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