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9 projects found

Travel service information

Standards for Developing a SUMP Action Plan

16 Aug 2018 14:26 by Sara Weeks

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Highway management

European ITS Deployment Guidelines Library

15 Jan 2018 13:16 by Paul Kompfner

The main scope of EasyWay was to improve the situation on European roads, concerning safety, mobility and environmental impact, by deploying harmonised ITS services for the European traveller and haulier. As European cohesion and coordination should be guaranteed in the ITS deployment,...

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On-trip information


11 Jan 2018 14:19 by Benjamin Witsch

C-Roads will focus on implementing C-ITS systems and “1st Day services” across Europe as pilots in an harmonised way. It is expected that in several working groups, organised in close cooperation with work performed in the Amsterdam Group as well as in the EU-C-ITSPlatform, agreements for...

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Travel service information

Wizway Solutions

21 Jul 2017 14:10 by Audrey Delavarenne

Wizway Solutions is the first all in one ticketing solution for city authorities and transport operators. It provides mobile ticketing for all types of service by enabling tickets, city passes or ID’s to be stored on an NFC smartphone. Users will be able to purchase tickets with their current...

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Travel service information

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