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ITS Toolkit - 2Decide Project

10 May 2017 10:03 by Luca Studer

2DECIDE support and speed up consistent decision making related to ITS deployment for road and public transport (timely, cost-effective, interoperable, positive impact to urban and interurban mobility, positive cost/ benefit ration). 2DECIDE has formed a consortium representing an outstanding...

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MARCO–T3: Integrated TMCS (Traffic Management and Control System) for Motorways in Mestre-Venice area


10 May 2017 09:26 by EUGENIO MORELLO

MARCO-T3 is a complex Freeway Traffic Control System for managing traffic on all the motorway system under the responsibility of CAV. All ITS technologies available are used: AID, Speed advise, Ramp metering, dynamic allocation of traffic lanes (on Mestre-Venice ring road). MARCO.T3 is the...

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ITS on Autostrada dei Fiori A10

09 May 2017 13:51 by Luca Studer

The Autostrada dei Fiori implemented several ITS along the whole motorway in order to improve both safety and traffic management in general. This implementation is the only cross-system to include many transports-telematics related aspects. It is therefore very interesting thanks to the extension...

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Companion Project on A4 Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova


08 May 2017 15:58 by Luca Studer

The Companion project was carried out by the Società Autostrada Brescia Verona Vicenza Padova, manager of the 146-km-long motorway section E66 (A4) between Brescia and Padova. Serious accidents occurr because of fog and induced the Concessionary Society to implement a system aimed at timely...

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Traveller information

Traveller Information cover a long list of tools/applications which help the user of the transport system to choose the best possible approach for the transportation. Traveller information includes systems meant for e.g. car drivers, bicycle users, passengers of public transportation. It can be app-based, installed as part of the infrastructure furniture or via radio etc.

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