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Traveller information


18 Oct 2016 11:31 by Panagiotis Iordanopoulos

Thessaloniki's Intelligent Urban Mobility Management System ( provides a suite of services for travelers in order to help them move easily around the city, avoiding the traffic congested areas and also to raise the environmental consciousness of the public and consequently to...

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Improved public transport traveller information


18 Oct 2016 09:26 by Panagiotis Iordanopoulos

SEE-ITS is a transnational project which stimulated cooperation, harmonization and interoperability among isolated Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in South East Europe (SEE). Through SEE-ITS, the technical requirements for the assessment and the harmonization of the European Union’s ITS...

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14 Jul 2016 21:54 by Panagiotis Iordanopoulos

COMPASS4D is a European project aiming to increase drivers’ safety and comfort by reducing the severity of road accidents as well as avoiding queues and traffic jams. Seven European cities (Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Helmond, Newcastle, Thessaloniki, Verona and Vigo) have joined forces with the shared...

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Mobility services


14 Jul 2016 19:23 by Paul Kompfner

Smart Connected Electro-Mobility - promoting the uptake of electric vehicles in Europe

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Traveller information

Traveller Information cover a long list of tools/applications which help the user of the transport system to choose the best possible approach for the transportation. Traveller information includes systems meant for e.g. car drivers, bicycle users, passengers of public transportation. It can be app-based, installed as part of the infrastructure furniture or via radio etc.

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