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Freilot is a large European test project in which new automotive and traffic technologies were developed and tested with the aim of significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in freight traffic in urban areas. The project has been successfully completed. What is the goal? The goal is ultimately to reduce the energy consumption and emissions of urban freight traffic by 25% through, among other things, allowing trucks to influence traffic lights and "in-car" advice to the driver during the journey to drive as energy-efficiently as possible. Apart from in Helmond, the system has also been tested in Lyon, Bilbao and Krakow, with support from the European Commission.

Results/Lessons Learnt

As a part of the FREILOT project, 14 intersections in Helmond have been equipped with an Energy Efficient Intersection Control (EEIC) system, a priority system based on 802.11p cooperative communication. The system uses the existing network traffic control system to provide public transport-like priority to FREILOT scheme member lorries. As a spin-off, the same system is used to provide absolute priority to a number of fire-service vehicles and ambulances. After priority is requested, the lorry driver is provided with feedback about the remaining red or green time. This information can be used by the driver to anticipate changes in the traffic lights, further reducing the number of stops. To maintain road safety, the EEIC system verifies that the driver does not exceed the local speed limit. When a speed violation is encountered, the priority is cancelled immediately.
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  • TRL 6 - Technology demonstrated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies)
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1 year 8 months
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