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The Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI) is a public non-profit Federation of 106 Italian Automobile Clubs and associations, , all operating in the field of mobility, traffic, environment and tourism. Moreover, ACI was entrusted by the Italian State to supply public services since 1927. With more than 1 Milion members, ACI has the statutory mandate of representing and protecting the interests of Italian motorists and the right to everybody’s mobility and is committed to promoting road safety ever since its foundation in 1905. Among the activities carried out by ACI, many of them in cooperation with other public bodies as well as private enterprises, those regarding the different facets of mobility stand out as especially relevant to spreading a new culture of mobility itself, in line with the principles of environment protection, sustainable development, safety and the correct management of land use. More specifically, ACI studies all issues relating to the development and management of the mobility of people and goods, drivers’ training and education to road safety, analyses on traffic/accidents issues, multimedia and multichannel information services. Therefore, ACI also formulates proposals and offers advice to the Italian Government and other Public authorities on all above issues.   ACI is also a founding member of the FIA-Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. As far as ITS activities are concerned, ACI is engaged, directly or through its controlled companies (ACI Global, ACI Infomobility, ACI Consult, ACI Informatica), in almost every application area: from Traffic Management Plans in cooperation with local authorities, to ICT infrastructure, traveller information and integrated multimodal services, both at national  level (CCISS - Centro Coordinamento Informazioni Sicurezza Stradale – National TIC, more details on:; “Luceverde” Italia, “Luceverde” Web radio, more details on: as well as local level (LuceVerde Roma, LuceVerde Milano), from parking management and access control to eCall and eSafety services and in-vehicle safety equipment, from mobility services to public transport information and management. 
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