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Nick Juffermans / 14 Mar 2017 09:00

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Smart vehicles
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Connected and automated vehicles
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Within three clusters a cooperation has been set up between governements and market parties. When all three clusters are developed the result will bet hat road users have a good and reliable connection with each other. This will result in use cases with traffic lights, logisitic services and events, amongst other things. The connectivity and fast transfer of data and information will make the difference for road users, road authorities and other stakeholders. The three clusters are:
Cluster 1: Traffic Light Installations, within this cluster a new architecture will be developed and tested.
Cluster 2: Data, it’s all about fast and reliable datacollection and -enrichment.
Cluster 3: Information Sercives, getting the information inside the vehicles to present to the road users.

Results/Lessons Learnt

New developments in "smart mobility" are rapidly emerging. Nowadays, cars park themselves and are linked (connected cars). Tomorrow your car and your home are connected to you via your smartphone. And the day after tomorrow (between 2018 and 2022) your car will drive you automatically to your destination. Talking Traffic offers a new generation of travel information to you, both at the start of your yourney, as well as during driving. This will help you anticipating what is going on behind the next corner or just after the next exit. Regions, businesses and the Ministry are working on agreements of the information that will be available and offered to road users, such as: the maximum speed, incident information, road works and free parking space near your destination. Talking Traffic: road users, traffic signs, traffic centers and traffic - all communicating with each other. This provides realtime and tailored travel information that is valuable to everyone on the road: not only at the start but also during your trip you will get advice that will help you to make your journey as quickly and smoothly as possible.
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Cooperative Freight transport Innovation Platforms Smart Vehicles
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