Practical Trial Amsterdam

Nick Juffermans / 14 Mar 2017 08:53

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Traveller information
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On-trip information
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In PPA Zuidoost (southeast) the emphasis is on strengthening and improving individual recommendations (in-car) by using information that can be acquired and processed with roadside systems (developed in PPA and elsewhere). At the same time, the existing traffic control scenarios are used more dynamically and efficiently by using the in-car data. The biggest challenge here lies in the events traffic in Amsterdam Southeast, in relation to other target groups in this area. PPA Zuidoost thus tests mainly the added value of roadside/in-car integration for in-car services. PPA Zuidoost can also contribute to a transition from less roadside and more in-car.

Results/Lessons Learnt

The Practical Trial Amsterdam (Praktijkproef Amsterdam or PPA) is a large-scale trial designed to reduce traffic jams in the Amsterdam region through the innovative use of technologies in cars and on the road. The trial involves three elements: the testing of in-car systems, the testing of roadside systems and finally the integra- tion of these two systems. By the end of the trial, ‘smart’ traffic lights should work in conjunction with navigation equipment in the car. This combination should have the result that persons using the road will reach their destinations faster and can depend on an expected travelling time. In 2014, a major trial of roadside systems took place on the ring road in Amsterdam. In 2015, a major trial of in-car systems is taking place. Over ten thousand participants are receiving highly up-to-date and personalised travel information from an app in their cars. In 2015 and 2016, three new trials will test the first combination of roadside systems and in-car systems. The Practical Trial Amsterdam is an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Rijkswaterstaat, the municipality of Amsterdam, the province of North Holland and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region will carry out the test together, in collaboration with various universities and companies.
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