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Transport related data presents the building block for developing a multitude of systems and services which can improve the transport system efficiency, enhance customer experience, support desired change in travel behaviour, enable digital integration between transport modes and deliver intelligent mobility.

The recent years have seen significant developments in terms of opening and sharing transport related data. The London Data Store and the iMadrid EMT Open Data Platform are examples of city-specific platforms while OptiCities1 is an example of a multi-city transport data platform. oneTRANSPORT2 and MOBiNET3 are examples of regional transport data platforms and marketplaces. Furthermore, a number of data platforms exist such as data.gov.uk, and the German Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM) at a country-wide level as well as the EU Open Data Portal. While opening data is an approach taken by many public sector organisations across Europe, the same does not apply to the private sector. The sharing of data can be seen as a compromising solution for the private sector where specific sets of data are shared among specific parties operating in different transport modes and/or regions. Shared data can therefore play a significant role in the intelligent mobility field given the mixed public/private environment of the transport industry.

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