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3 legislation & policies found

Sectoral or thematic policy

EU Partnership on Urban Mobility

30 Nov 2017 08:25 by Paul Kompfner

Strategies and policies The EU works with cities and regions to develop a sustainable urban mobility policy, including efficient public transport systems and good connectivity throughout their home country. It also strives to improve the quality of life in cities by promoting active mobility...

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Sectoral or thematic policy

Catalogue of best practises

27 Sep 2017 07:31 by Piia Karjalainen

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Decreto 1 febbraio 2013 n. 39 Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti – “Diffusione dei sistemi di trasporto intelligenti (ITS) in Italia”

11 Jan 2017 16:06 by Nuccia Fedel

Italy has transposed the ITS Directive (Dir. 2010/40/CE) through Article 8 of the Law-Decree n. 179/2012. Complying to that article, this Decree sets the basic guidelines to ensure the design, deployment and development of ITS in Italy, in a way which is coordinated, integrated and consistent with...

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Sectoral or thematic policy

Sectoral or Thematic Policy contains the most important and/or newest legislative or policy documents related to specific ITS domanins.

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