Variable Message System in City of Rome

Sandro Francalanci / 07 Apr 2017 14:43

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Since the year two thousand variable message signs have been installed on main road in Rome. Actually there are 66 VMS installed dedicated to on-trip traffic information.

Objectives of the project

The objective of the system was to set-up an infomobility channel in urban area for on-trip information in order to inform road users about traffic levels, travel times, road works, events, strikes and also for safety on road campaign 

Challenges addressed
  • Traffic congestion

Results/Lessons Learnt

The development of Rome VMS system began in year two thousand with a first set of VMS installed on two expressway and on a certain number of main radial road for users going toward city centre. In subsequents years two other set of VMS were installed, one was related to a third express way and one related an area surrounding a new gallery. All the panel are composed by four rows with fithteen characters each and the dimension of the characthers (and of the panel) is related with the position of the panel (ex. city centre smaller) and the speed alloved on the route. The messages can be published on a scheduled way, used for planned messages, on manual way for real time needs and in an automantic way from urban travel time system. A prioryty system manages for each VMS the he publication of competing messages. 

A new set of VMS will be installed next year after the completion of a public tender.

Technology readiness level
  • TRL 8 - System complete and qualified
  • TRL 9 - Actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing in the case of key enabling technologies; or in space)
Tags / keywords:
traffic management
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