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  • EasyWay

    30 Aug 2016 06:37 by
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  • European ITS Deployment Guidelines Library

    15 Jan 2018 14:16 by Paul Kompfner

    The main scope of EasyWay was to improve the situation on European roads, concerning safety, mobility and environmental impact, by deploying harmonised ITS services for the European traveller and haulier. As European cohesion and coordination should be guaranteed in the ITS deployment, considerable efforts have to be made on the establishment of a common framework for this deployment. The key tool in this process is the implementation and use of common ITS Deployment Guidelines for coordinated deployment activities in countries, regions and Europe-wide. During the first phase, EasyWay through European Studies has developed a range of Deployment Guidelines to foster best practices in Europe. Within the second phase of EasyWay, Member States Partners have launched a substantial enhancement, consultation and mediation process for the first generation of EasyWay Deployment Guidelines. The result of this unique exercise was the DG 2012 set of documents.

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  • Florin Nemtanu

    06 Jun 2018 16:11 by
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  • Giorgos Kiousis

    15 Jan 2018 13:56 by
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    15 Jan 2018 14:28 by Giorgos Kiousis
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  • ICCS

    21 Oct 2016 11:18 by Panagiotis Georgiadis
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  • Implementation Plan of the Action Plan Action Plan for the Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the...

    01 Sep 2017 18:32 by Martin Pichl

    ITS Action Plan is followed by ITS Implementation plan, which is not only project reservoir, but as well defines steps for preparation and implementation of ITS systems which could be either as a part of new transport infrastructure or as stay alone ITS systems regardless funding stream if they are fully or partly financed from State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI) or if they are coo financed from relevant EU operational programs. Implementation plan of ITS development further more address issues related to development of large scale ITS projects in which could share an infrastructure or selected application within more of Ministry of Transport departmental organizations, or even more resorts or more subjects of public administration.

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  • Item test

    18 Jan 2017 16:29 by
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  • ITS on Autostrada dei Fiori A10

    09 May 2017 17:51 by Luca Studer

    The Autostrada dei Fiori implemented several ITS along the whole motorway in order to improve both safety and traffic management in general. This implementation is the only cross-system to include many transports-telematics related aspects. It is therefore very interesting thanks to the extension and synergy achieved by a joint management of different technological systems.

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  • MARCO–T3: Integrated TMCS (Traffic Management and Control System) for Motorways in Mestre-Venice area

    12 May 2017 00:32 by EUGENIO MORELLO

    MARCO-T3 is a complex Freeway Traffic Control System for managing traffic on all the motorway system under the responsibility of CAV. All ITS technologies available are used: AID, Speed advise, Ramp metering, dynamic allocation of traffic lanes (on Mestre-Venice ring road). MARCO.T3 is the Integration of several subsystems: • RT (Traffic monitoring) • CCTV (video surveillance) • AID (Automatic Incident Detection) • RM (Ramp metering) • VMS (Variable Message Sign) o LCS (Lane Control Sign) o TXT (textual information + pictogram and rerouting) • MIM (Multiagency Incident Management) All coordinated by the SV (Supervisor)

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