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Traveller information
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Pre-trip information


LD deals with insufficient provision of cross-border traveller information on public transport, particularly considering cross-border commuting and mobility in rural areas . The overall project objective is to foster environmentally-friendly mobility options and balanced accessibility in the Danube Region through transnational, interoperable and multimodal journey planning in urban and rural areas. Currently no suitable multimodal, transnational system for travellers exists anywhere in Europe.

Results/Lessons Learnt

TransDanube aims to foster the usage of environmentally-friendly mobility options and balanced accessibility in the Danube Region by transnational, interoperable, multimodal journey planning in urban as well as rural areas.

For that reason a concept for a multimodal traveller information service for the whole Danube Region will be developed and demonstrated in the participating countries. In this respect TransDanube contributes to the specific objective by enhancing connectivity through informing travellers on sustainable mobility options within and across borders. This allows seamless journey planning beyond operational and territorial borders and improves coordination between public transport operators. TransDanube connects less accessible areas to the TEN-T network, especially by linking alternative transport services developed for rural areas to TEN-T. Sustainability will be ensured with a link to priority area 1b of EUSDR, acting as a booster for actions within EUSDR Action Plan.

One specific objective is, to secure the improved connectivity within the Danube Region in the long-run by ensuring the implementation of the results in the whole Region. This will be fostered by linking the exploitation strategy to the Action No. 7 of EUSDR Action Plan, in close cooperation with the priority area 1B coordinators to a broad (political) commitment as basis for an improved cooperation of the relevant stakeholders towards a seamless, transnational, interoperable, environmentally-friendly mobility.

Funding instrument
  • ERDF Contribution

Start date
End date
2 years 5 months
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Cooperative Projects Innovation Platforms
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